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shell-and-tube (heat) exchanger

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I introduction

1. This product is designed, manufactured and accepted according to the requirements of GB151-1999 Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger. Our company can provide product structures including: floating head heat exchanger, fixed tube-plate heat exchanger, U-tube heat exchanger, stuffing box heat exchanger, etc.

2. Main technical characteristics

Design pressure: PN < 10mpa; Design temperature; Permissible service temperature of metal;

Diameter of shell: DN150~2600.

3. Main materials

Q235-B, 16MnR, 16Mn forging, 10, 20, 304(L), 316(L), 321, etc.

II. Floating Head Heat Exchanger

The floating heat exchanger is suitable for the occasions where the temperature difference between the tube and shell walls is large, or it is easy to corrode and scale, with complex structure and large material consumption.

III. Fixed tube-plate heat exchanger

The fixed tube-plate heat exchanger is suitable for occasions where the temperature difference is small or large, but the shell side pressure is not high, and the shell side scaling is not serious or can be cleaned chemically. The structure is simple and compact, and the material consumption is small.

IV. U-tube heat exchanger

U-tube heat exchanger is suitable for occasions with high temperature and high pressure, clean fluid in the tube and difficult scaling. Long process, good heat transfer performance and strong pressure bearing capacity.


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COPYRIGHT ? SPCDHR.COM Siping Chengda Heat Exchange Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd All rights reserved 吉ICP備17004051號-1 Technical support:中諾科技